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What is full form of BMP ?

  • Byte map
  • Bit map
  • Byte map process
  • Bit map process
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1. What is full form of VLSI ?

  • Very Low Scale Immunity
  • Very Low Scale Integrated
  • Very Large Scale Integrated
  • Very Large Scale Immunity

2. What is full form of XML ?

  • Extensible Meria Letters
  • Extensible Media Language
  • Xtensible Markup Language
  • Extensible Markup Language

3. What is full form of SOAP ?

  • Small Object Access Procedure
  • Simple Object Access Protocol
  • Simple Object Access Procedure
  • Small Object Access Protocol

4. What is full form NOS ?

  • New Operating System
  • Network Operating Source
  • Network Operating System
  • Network Original System

5. What is full form of ISP ?

  • Internet Service Provider
  • Internet Speed Provider
  • Intranet Service Provider
  • Internet Service Proceeder
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