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What is full form of BMP ?

  • Byte map
  • Bit map
  • Byte map process
  • Bit map process
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1. What is full form of SMTP ?

  • Simple Mail Transmit Protocol
  • Smart Mail Transfer Protocol
  • Smart Mailbox Transfer Protocol
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

2. What is full form of WMV ?

  • Window Media Video
  • Write Media Video
  • Write Many Video
  • Write Media Visual

3. What is full form of PHP ?

  • Processor Hypertext Program
  • Hypertext Preprocessor
  • Pre Hypertext Processor
  • Pre Processor Hypertext

4. What is full form of JPEG ?

  • Joint Photo Electronic Group
  • Joint Picture Electronic Group
  • Joint Photo Expert Group
  • Joint Picture Expert Group

5. What is full form of ROM ?

  • Read other memcache
  • Read only memory
  • Read other memory
  • Read only memcache
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