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What is NSSO ?

  • National Social Science Organisation
  • National Social Study Organisation
  • National Security Science Organisation
  • National Sample Survey Organisation
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1. Which state has the highest Per Capita Income in India ?

  • Delhi
  • Punjab
  • Bihar
  • West Bengal

2. How much population is living below poverty line in India ?

  • Approx 24%
  • Approx 25%
  • Approx 26%
  • Approx 27%

3. First five year plan was based on ?

  • Herold -Domar Model
  • P.C. Mahalanobis Model
  • Both of above
  • None of above

4. What is term Hot Money used for ?

  • black money
  • white money
  • a money which is hard to come but easy to go
  • a money which comes easily and goes easily too

5. Kudremukh Iron Ore project is in the state of

  • Kerala
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Gujrat
  • Karnataka
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  • Rita Gupta 6 years ago

    how can naso be National "S"ample survey organization?? i admire your work a lot and has helped me complete my work..pls answer this

  • [email protected] 6 years ago

    NASO is National sample survey organisation ?

    mastguru 6 years ago replied

    Thanks Rita for your valuable comment, it was a typo mistake which has been corrected.
    thanks again !

    Rita Gupta 6 years ago replied

    thank you! :)

    mastguru 6 years ago replied

    Welcome !

  • deepak 8 years ago

    I thing it is NSSO which stands for National Sample Survey Organization