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What is the name of values that are automatically provided by software to reduce keystrokes ?

  • Data Values
  • Default Values
  • Defined Values
  • Fixed Values
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1. Which of following is not an advantage of multiprogramming ?

  • increased throughput
  • shorter response time
  • ability to assign priorities of jobs
  • decreased system overload

2. Disk scheduling involves deciding ?

  • which disk should be accessed next
  • the order in which disk access request should be made
  • physical location of files
  • type of disks a system should have

3. Supervisor state is only allowed to ?

  • Utility Softwares
  • Application Softwares
  • Operating System
  • Guest User

4. What is a page fault ?

  • is an spelling error in a page in memory
  • is a reference to a page which is in another program
  • is an access to a page not currently in memory
  • always occurs whenever a page is accessed

5. Which of the following is always there in a computer ?

  • Batch system
  • Operating system
  • Time sharing system
  • Controlling system
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