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Which among following has invalid syntax ?

  • #include
  • #include file
  • #include "file"
  • None of above
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1. If value has not type, then the pointer pointing to this value will be known as

  • Empty pointer
  • Null pointer
  • Void pointer
  • None of above

2. Inline functions are invoked at

  • Run time
  • Compile time
  • Debug time
  • None of above

3. expression x.y represents as

  • member x of object y
  • member y of object x
  • member y of object pointed by x
  • all of above

4. Meaning of deed copy is

  • A deep copy creates a copy of the dynamically allocated objects too
  • A deep copy just copies the values of the data as they are
  • A deep copy creates a copy of the statically allocated objects too
  • Both A and C

5. Meaning of STL

  • Standard Tree Library
  • Standard Term Library
  • Standard Template Library
  • None of above
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