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Which among following has invalid syntax ?

  • #include
  • #include file
  • #include "file"
  • None of above
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1. What is abstract class

  • Whose objects cant be created
  • Whose objects can be created
  • Depends on class
  • None of above

2. What is polymorphism

  • Ability to take more than one form
  • Ability to destroy destructor
  • Ability to create constructor
  • None of above

3. Which is not C++ storage class

  • auto
  • register
  • static
  • iostream

4. Meaning of deed copy is

  • A deep copy creates a copy of the dynamically allocated objects too
  • A deep copy just copies the values of the data as they are
  • A deep copy creates a copy of the statically allocated objects too
  • Both A and C

5. Stack unwinding deals with

  • deals with polymorphism
  • deals with inheritance
  • deals with exception handing
  • deals with classes
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