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Which among following SQL commands is used to add a row

  • ADD
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1. Data management system may be implemented as

  • system software
  • application software
  • computer program
  • all of above

2. If a relation scheme is in BSNF then it is also in

  • First normal form
  • Second normal form
  • Third normal form
  • Not in any normal form

3. Which is a type of DBMS software

  • utilities
  • query language
  • report writer
  • All of above

4. Data dictionary is a special file that contains

  • the names of all fields in all files
  • the data types of all fields of all files
  • Both of above
  • None of above

5. Data dictionary tell DBMS

  • what files are in the database
  • what attributes are processed by data
  • what these files contain
  • all of above
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