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Which among following SQL commands is used to add a row

  • ADD
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1. The master list of an indexed file

  • is sorted in ascending order
  • contains only a list of keys and record numbers
  • has a number assigned to each record
  • none of above

2. In context of database DML Means

  • Data Multiplication Line
  • Data Manupulation Language
  • Data Method Limit
  • Data Merit Logic

3. In order to use a DBMS, it is important to understand

  • the physical schema
  • all subschemas
  • one sub schema
  • none of above

4. Which is a type of DBMS software

  • utilities
  • query language
  • report writer
  • All of above

5. Data dictionary tell DBMS

  • what files are in the database
  • what attributes are processed by data
  • what these files contain
  • all of above
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