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Which instrument is used to measure the power of electric circuit ?

  • Voltmeter
  • Wattmeter
  • Wavemeter
  • Viscometer
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1. Which instrument is used to measure the scattering of light by particles suspended in a liquid ?

  • Nephetometer
  • Ohmmeter
  • Ondometer
  • Pyrometer

2. What is newton third law of motion ?

  • Every body maintains its initial state rest or motion unless no external force is applied.
  • The rate of change in momentum of a body is directly proportional to the applied force on the body and takes place in the direction of force.
  • To every action there is equal and opposite reaction.
  • None of above.

3. The nuclear reaction in which a heavy nucleus splits into two nuclei of nearly equal mass is called

  • Nuclear fusion
  • Nuclear fission
  • Nuclear reaction
  • Fast breeding

4. Which instrument is used to determine the intensity of colours ?

  • Cathetometer
  • Chronometer
  • Colorimeter
  • Commutator

5. What is unit of Work and Energy ?

  • Joule
  • kilogram
  • amphere
  • meter
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