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Which is not a logical database structure

  • Chain
  • Tree
  • Relational
  • Network
Similar Questions :

1. Related fields in a data base are grouped to form

  • data file
  • data record
  • menu
  • bank

2. Data item characteristics that are important in data management include

  • punctuation
  • language
  • spelling
  • width

3. Two basic types of record access methods are

  • sequential and random
  • direct and immediate
  • sequential and indexed
  • online and real time

4. Allocation map

  • Used to store program data
  • specifies which blocks are used by which file
  • is updated by application programs
  • allow programs to erase files

5. Database management systems are used to

  • eliminate data redundancy
  • establish relationships among records in different files
  • manage file access
  • none of above
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