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Which performs modulation and demodulation

  • Modem
  • Fiber optic
  • satellite
  • coaxial cable
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1. Dialogue control and token management are responsibilities of

  • Network layer
  • Session Layer
  • Transport Layer
  • None of above

2. X.25 standard specifies

  • technique for start-stop data
  • technique for dial access
  • DTE/DCE interface
  • data bit rate

3. A central computer surrounded by one or more computers is called

  • ring network
  • bus network
  • star network
  • all of above

4. Routing is done on which layer

  • Datalink Layer
  • Network Layer
  • Session
  • Presentation

5. Sink means

  • sending unit
  • receiving unit
  • broadcasting
  • none of above
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