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Which scheduling policy is best suited for time-sharing operating systems

  • Shortest job first
  • Round robin
  • First come first serve
  • Elevator
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1. In which scheduling policies, context switching never takes place

  • FCFS
  • round robin
  • Shortest job first
  • Pre-empitive

2. Macintosh computer uses

  • System 7.0
  • AU/X
  • Xenix
  • none of above

3. Problem of thrashing is affected significantly by

  • program structure
  • program size
  • primary storage size
  • all of above

4. Which operating system reacts in the actual time

  • Batch system
  • Quick response system
  • Real time system
  • Time sharing system

5. If the property of locality of reference is well pronounced in a program

  • the number of page faults will be more
  • the number of page faults will be less
  • the number of page faults will same
  • none of above
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