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A member is a

  • Variable in a structure
  • Datatype of structure
  • Structure pointer
  • None of above
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1. What is wild pointer in c

  • a pointer which we need to write in future
  • a pointer which has bad naming convention
  • a pointer which has no limit
  • a point which has not initialized

2. What will be the output of following program
int x,y = 10;
x = y * NULL;

  • error
  • 0
  • 10
  • Garbage value

3. What among following is true about stack

  • stack cannot reuse its memory
  • all elements are of different datatypes
  • all operation done at one end
  • none of above

4. Continue statement used for

  • To continue to the next line of code
  • To stop the current iteration and begin the next iteration from the beginning
  • To handle run time error
  • None of above

5. What is correct order of precedence in C

  • Addition, Division, Modulus
  • Addition, Modulus, Division
  • Multiplication, Substration, Modulus
  • Modulus, Multiplication, Substration
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