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C Programming Questions Answers - Chapter 1

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  • dilee kumar 4 years ago

    question in hindi

  • Manohar 5 years ago

    provide new updates

  • Kiran Patel 6 years ago

    size of void pointer is 4 bytes
    are you using 16 bit compiler???then it will be 2 byte..
    pls check

  • Haaris 7 years ago

    where is chapter 2 and rest of other chapters?

  • munaf 7 years ago

    Can you know In C language f-=9 eqalent to

    naveen 7 years ago replied


    mastguru 7 years ago replied

    We will soon uploading it Haaris..

  • Richa 9 years ago

    what is the output of this progm..?
    int main()
    char boolean[][6]={"TRUE",FALSE"};
    printf("%s",boolean[(unsigned int)-1 == ~0]);

    Buddha 9 years ago replied

    False is the output as even signed integers are promoted to unsigned when a comparison is made between a signed and an unsigned integers, so boolean[1] is FALSE

    bajrang kumar 8 years ago replied

    "false" but program must have return value enter if you are using int main