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What will be the output of following program
int x,y = 10;
x = y * NULL;

  • error
  • 0
  • 10
  • Garbage value
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1. Adding to a pointer that points to an array will

  • Cause an error
  • Increase the value of the element that the pointer is pointing to
  • Cause the pointer to point to the next element in the array
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2. A variable in c

  • must have a valid datatype
  • can't have a name same as keyword
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4. If include files can be nested

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  • No

5. What will be output of
void main()
char test =`S`;

  • S
  • Error
  • Garbage value
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  • Rajib Roy 2 years ago

    Suorer bacha "printf("%d",x);" ai statement ta run kore "0" output ki tomar nung er bari giye dia sche???????

  • anand 5 years ago

    que no7 in c. how the answer is zero.can you explain