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The first expression in a for loop is

  • Step value of loop
  • Value of the counter variable
  • Any of above
  • None of above
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1. Exit() is same as return

  • TRUE

2. Size of void pointer is

  • 1 byte
  • 2 byte
  • 4 byte
  • 8 byte

3. Which of the following below is/are valid C keywords

  • integer
  • int
  • null
  • none of above

4. Difference between calloc() and malloc()

  • calloc() takes a single argument while malloc() needs two arguments
  • malloc() takes a single argument while calloc() needs two arguments
  • malloc() initializes the allocated memory to ZERO
  • calloc() initializes the allocated memory to NULL

5. Which operator in c can't be overloaded

  • %
  • +
  • ::
  • -
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