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  • NABARD Exam - Quantitative Section Preparation

    Updated : 16-Dec-2017
    NABARD Exam - Quantitative Section Preparation

    To prepare for NABARD Quantitative Analysis, you must develop calculation speed & know the short tricks & tips to solve the quantitative aptitude problems in short interval of time as well. This article will give you a holistic guidance how you should prepare for NABARD Quantitative Analysis exam. Also in this article going forward, we have divided topics in the order of difficulty level & approach that you should follow while preparing those topics to score better.

    Before you start to prepare for exam, you need to have a good study plan that covers the whole syllabus to prepare for it. Just starting from the topic & solving the questions from any topic will not be much of a help and you might endup yourself having several chapters left with just less time and days remaining for the exam with loads to cover about it. This particular strategy will help you to prepare for the exam properly and in more systematic manner.

    Chapters to Prepare for NABARD Quantitative Analysis

    These chapters surely appear in exam & can be solved in less time than they look they require. These chapters cover a huge portion of the Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus for this Exam. Concentrating on them first helps you capture 60-70% of the questions in this section which is quite a crucial one.

    1. Number Series (2-3 questions)
    2. Data Interpretation (8-10 questions)
    3. Simplification (2-3 questions)

    Strategy for Number Series

    • These questions quite an easy ones and quick to solveif you know how to approach them clearly.
    • The issue is that learning different approaches about this topic requires a lot of practice and patience.
    • Make sure to solve around 100 questions of Number Serieson different patterns to get more clarity on how this works.
    • Once you gain confidence with all types of questions in this, you will start looking for the patterns with greater resilience and will have more accuracy as well.
    • In exam if you don’t get the pattern in 30 secthen don’t waste time on it, just move on to the other question and come on this later.
    • Try Number Series Quiz as well.

    Strategy for Simplification

    • The best approach is to target these questions early to save time and effort.
    • They can be solved quickly and the concepts are easy to understand as well.
    • Practice quick mental calculationswhile solving these questions because it is easy to save time here and can score more from it. Use the short tricks methods of doing the faster calculation – helps wonders in exams.
    • You must practice a mixture of questions - BODMAS Rule, Approximations, Square & Cubes, Surds & Indices, Decimals and Percentages.


    Strategy for Basic Topics

    • Start your training with the basic topics like percentage and average.
    • These chapters either rely on basic conceptual understanding or standard formulae as well.
    • Average, Percentage and Ratios are also asked in the Data Interpretation Questions, so these chapters must be the first you concentrate on which give you an more confidence to solve . Start learning them alongside the Main chapters so you don’t miss them.
    • If you encounter more issues repeatedly while trying any chapter, give it more time and practice as well.
    • To prepare for this exam, speed with accuracy always matters & it will improve with time and strategy when you give time of at least 4hr & do continue the practice.
    • Profit and Loss, Ratio Proportion & Mixture Problems Quiz, Quant – Formulae, Tricks, Quant Ratio.

    You can practice daily quantitative analysis quiz questions of all the chapters from online. The level of severity is managed according to the difficulty level as well. Once you have thoroughly gone through the entire concept then you can monitor yourself by attending these. Remember that the more you practice for NABARD Quantitative Analysis exam, the more accuracy & marks you will gain in actual NABRAD Prelims Exam.

    Here are some insights about NABARD

    NABARD is a major development budgetary institution in India which is headquartered at Bombay in India. The institution has been dealing with "matters concerning policy, planning and operations in the field of credit for agriculture and other economic activities in rural areas in India from a very long time". NABARD as an institution has a major contribution in developing financial inclusion policy and is a major member of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion in India.

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