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  • NABARD General Awareness Preparation Tips and Syllabus

    Updated : 14-Dec-2017
    NABARD General Awareness Preparation Tips and Syllabus

    In this article , we will be discussing some of the very common yet equally important things which are crucial to  remember , to follow while preparing for the NABARD General Awareness Exam.

    1. Read Magazines & Books thoroughly:
    • There are various good magazines and books available in the market which can boost your knowledge enormously on daily events as well.
    • Along with the common journal, you need to read the sports and business magazines which give you an inside view about the extra stuff.
    • Pratiyogita Darpan and Manorama can be some of the useful magazines which have a great readership.
    • For more books and study notes refer the article online.
    1. Read Daily News in Short:
    • Basically, you should watch special current affairs programs to prepare well for this section. You can download some news apps on your phone to be updated about news.
    • You need to select a proper time for watching the news that shows the whole day analysis and gives an in depth analysis to it.
    • Try to go through all the breaking news and highlights of the day as well.
    1. Read Newspapers:
    • You need to create a habit of reading more than one newspaper daily.
    • It will be beneficial for you if you read one English newspaper and one of your mother tongue also help you build a habit to it. It will help you to get a better hold of current affairs.
    • You can also refer to the Testbook articles for daily new and events.
    1. Make notes for Exam:
    • Always make a habit of making notes for the exam as the notes made by you will be more tailor made and will help you to remember the things more effectively.
    • Try to make short notes from exam perspective as It can serve as record at the time of the exams as well.
    • You can prepare individual notes on various topics like Indian Politics, Geography, History, Science, Constitution, Current Affairs etc. can help you to have a quick glance during the last moments for your exam.
    • TheStatic GK section can be very fruitful in the preparation of notes. All the topics are important from the exam point of view as well.
    1. Participate in online GK quizzes actively:
    • You can appear in some online mock tests. These provides you ample amount of confidence to help you analyze your preparations.
    • You can enhance your concepts by appearing in these kinds of Quizzes as puzzles.
    • Daily Quizzescan be attempted online and can give you a clear idea of your progress.
    1. Help from the Internet:
    • The available internet sources like Wikipedia, YouTube and Google can really be helpful for General Awareness preparations as they are updated and millions of aspirants are already on it.
    • The information available on the Internet will clear the concepts. Also look for review of the website before being thoughtful that it is a legitimate website to grab on.
    1. Make use of Discuss Forums:
    • There are various Discuss Forums available on the Internet today. They can help you to prepare well for the General Awareness Section as well.
    • Forums help the candidates to get engaged in knowledgeable negotiations and discussions in various topics and give them an extra edge in later exam and life as well..
    • Your participation in these kinds of discussions can help you clear your doubts. Hence, can help you to improve your General Awareness which is always helpful in all walks of life.

    General Tips – NABARD General Awareness Preparation

    • Strengthen your plus points: You are planning for Bank exams, so you must focus further on banking related terms, sports, awards & honors, etc as well. You should create this division as your strongest weapon as it can help you conquer this exam .Try to participate in several online quizzes to evaluate yourself how you can stand out in the exams.
    • Be positive and eradicate negative thoughts as much as you can: Try to stay peaceful as it helps to build your attention power.
    • Plan your Preparation Accordingly: All the competitive exams have a different pattern alltogether. Therefore, try to practice as per the exams you are appearing for in the same.

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