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  • Current Affairs 11th May 2019

    Updated : 11-May-2019
    Current Affairs 11th May 2019

    Current Affairs 11th May 2019 - Important Points

    • WHO partnered with IFBA to eliminate  -Trans Fats 
    • Who has appointed Indian men’s football team coach ? -  Igor Stimac
    • Samsung Introduces World’s Highest- Resolution Image Sensor
    • RIL acquires toy retailer Hamleys on - 9th May 2019
    • Singapore Criminalises Publication of - Fake News
      Current Affairs 11th May 2019 - Details

    WHO partnered with IFBA to eliminate  -Trans Fats 

    The WHO has joined with International Food and Beverage Alliance to attain its target under ‘REPLACE
    Strategy’ of removing Trans-fat from industrially generated global food supply by 2023.
    Key Highlights
    According to WHO, Trans-fat is accountable for above 500000 deaths/year from coronary heart disease universally.
    Therefore, removing Trans-Fat from food supply by 2023, is one of the most effective and simplest ways to save lives and simultaneously creating a healthier food supply.
    IFBA members ensured that they will not surpass trans-fat’s industrial limit of 2gm/100g fat in their
    products worldwide by 2023.
    More about Trans Fat

    • It is also known as trans fatty acids/trans-unsaturated fatty acids, are a type of unsaturated fat.
      Two types of trans-fats found in foods, namely Naturally-occurring which are formed in gut of some animals/animal foods like milk and meat products may contain small quantities of these fats.
    • Artificial fats are formed in industrial process by adding hydrogen to liquid vegetable oils to make them extra solid. Food containing Trans-fat comprise margarine and ghee, snack, baked, fried foods etc.
    • It is broadly utilised in Food Industry as they are easy to use, cheap to produce and last a long time.
    • They not only raise bad cholesterol levels but also lowers good cholesterol levels. Thus, rising risk of
      developing coronary heart disease, stroke and higher risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

    Who has appointed Indian men’s football team coach ? -  Igor Stimac

    Former Croatia international Igor Stimac appointed Indian men’s football team coach. His name was suggested by All India Football Federation’s, which is governing body of association football in India, technical committee, led by Shyam Thapa.
    His 1st assignment as Indian men’s football team coach will be forthcoming King’s Cup-2019 in Thailand, where India in its 1st match will face Curacao, a Caribbean country.
    More about Igor Stimac

    • Now 51 years old Stimac, was an integral part of “Golden Generation” of Croatia that ended 3rd at the 1998 FIFA World Cup.
    • In his 14 years managerial career, he coached Croatian national team between 2012-2013.
    • During his tenure Croatia shot-up to 4th place on world rankings, which was its best ranking in over 15 years.
    • He has worked with Croatian clubs including Cibalia Vinkovci, Hajduk Split, FC Zagreb and Zadar, Qatari club Al-Shahania and  Iranian club Sepahan.
    • He headed his native club of Hajduk Split to Championship title in 2004-2005, this was his 1st and only taste of silverware.

    Samsung Introduces World’s Highest- Resolution Image Sensor

    The South Korean Tech Giant, Samsung Electronics Co, revealed world’s highest-resolution image sensor, with 64-megapixel for smartphones. This is a step to encounter increasing request for mobile
    devices with better image quality.
    About Image Sensor
    Samsung prolonged its 0.8-micrometer pixel image sensor line-up by announcing 2 new 0.8-micrometer
    pixel image sensors:
    1. 64 megapixels ISOCELL Bright GW1 for advanced handsets,
    2. 48 megapixels ISOCELL Bright GM2 for flagship phones.
    The 2 image sensors are presently being sampled and its mass production will soon initiate in 2nd half of
    The image sensor market is believed to grow exponentially by 2030 in-line with developments in about
    to be introduced 5G technologies and artificial intelligence.
    Apart from Smart Phones, Vehicle components are next market for image sensors, varying from Parking
    Assistant System to self-driving vehicles.

    Singapore Criminalises Publication of - Fake News

    Singapore has approved a law which criminalises printing of fake news in nation and permits government to block and order removal of such content.
    Key Features of Law
    It prohibits fake news that are harmful to Singapore/influence elections.
    It needs service providers to instantly remove such content and permits government to block it.
    Offenders could face a prison term of up to ten years and huge fines.
    Criticism It gives government too much powers to regulate what could be false and approximately defined public  interest.
    The order to remove fake news is mostly absorbed at technology firms rather than on individuals who
    break a law without interest.
    According to many Human Rights Watch, it is a disaster for online appearance by ordinary Singaporeans
    & a powerful step in contradiction of independence of online news portals.

    RIL acquires toy retailer Hamleys on - 9th May 2019

    Reliance Industries Ltd. acquired British toy retailer Hamleys in an all-cash pact on May 9th, 2019.
    According to the Reliance Industries Ltd. announcement they have attained Hamleys in 67.96 million
    pounds which is about Rupees 620 crores.  With this statement Reliance will get hold of 100% shares of
    Hamleys Global Holdings Limited.
    Reliance Industries Ltd.’s fresh move would help Reliance to become a major player in worldwide toy
    market. Reliance Industries Ltd. would open several stores across India and sphere with its own holding.
    Reliance is also planning to invest infrastructure to make Hamleys much attractive.
    RIL-Hamley deal
    Mukesh Ambani headed Reliance Infrastructure Limited aquired Hamleys in 67.96 million British pounds.
    Hamleys was looking for earnings from long time as it was under loss of 11.24 million pounds in 2017. However, Hamleys tried to get back on track with 2.44 million pounds of complete revenue in year 2018
    after tax deductions, but it was not helping this multinational toy retailer. C Banner International Holdings and Reliance Industries Ltd. subsidiary company Reliance Brands Ltd inked an agreement for this deal.
    Hamley was owned by Chinese fashion multinational C Banner International since 2015.
    About Hamleys
    Hamleys has a rich history of glorious past and it was established by William Hamley in year 1760. He opened a branch on Regent Street, London in 1881.
    The store was bombed during 2nd World War but owners constructed it again.

    Queen Elizabeth gave 2nd Royal warrant as a Toys and Sports Merchant to Hamleys in 1955.
    Presently, Hamleys has 167 stores across 18 nations across the sphere. Apart from England, Hamleys
    stores are also there in India, Russia, China, South Africa and Germany.

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