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  • Current Affairs 12th April 2018

    Updated : 12-Apr-2018
    Current Affairs 12th April 2018

    Current Affairs 12th April 2018 - Important Points

    • India’s first high-speed electric locomotive of 12000HP capacity launched by - PM Narendra Modi
    • 11th World Hindi Conference to be held in - Mauritius
    • Shreyasi Singh wins Double Trap Gold in -  Commonwealth Games 2018
    • India’s first 5G lab  installed by - IIT-Delhi 
    • Cabinet approves MoU on return of Illegal Migrants among India, UK and Northern Ireland  approved by - Union Cabinet
    • Law on equal wages for men, women approved by - UAE

    Current Affairs 12th April 2018 - Details

    India’s first high-speed electric locomotive of 12000HP capacity launched by - PM Narendra Modi

    India’s 1st high speeded electric train with 12000 HP engine has been initiated by PM Narendra Modi
    from Madhepura Electric Locomotive Factory in Bihar. It is first big Made in India’s project established
    and accomplished by Indian Railways in association with French firm Alstome.
    Capacity and Speed of the locomotive

    • India’s 1st high speeded electric train has 12000 HP engine with top speed of 110 kilometres per hour.
    • With addition of this, India has links elite list of nations, consisting Russia, China, Germany and Sweden that have 12,000 horsepower and above capacity electric engine.
    • Till date, greatest powerful electric locomotive in Indian Railways was of 6,000 horsepower.
    • The high HP electric locomotives are loaded with IGBT based propulsion technology. They will have the capability to tolerate the tough Indian climate and will be pushed into working as freight trains.
    • They will be utilised to transport coal and iron ores.
      More about IGBT Technology
    • It has 3-terminal power semiconductor device, mainly utilised as electronic switch. It gives mutual
      benefits of high efficiency and fast switching.
    • It proposals greater power advantage than standard bipolar type transistor attached with the higher voltage operation and least input losses.
    • The induction of heavy haulage electric locomotives will facilitate to decongest busy routes by enhancing speed and carrying capacity of freight trains of Indian Railways.
    • With 100 percent electrification, they will decrease down operating expenses of Indian Railways and also meaningfully cut down greenhouse gas releases.

    11th World Hindi Conference to be held in - Mauritius

    The 11th edition of World Hindi Conference will be organised by Mauritius in its capital Port Lois in
    August 18 th -20 th , 2018. The session provides common platform to numerous Hindi scholars, writers and laureates from various parts of the world to contribute towards the language. It will be conducted by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India in connotation with Government of Mauritius. The
    theme of the Conference is “Vaishvik Hindi Aur Bharatiy Sanskriti“. The location of Conference is Swami
    Vivekanand International Convention Centre, Pailles Mauritius.
    World Hindi Conference
    The 1st World Hindi Conference was organised from 10 th to 12 th January 1975 in Nagpur and was
    initiated by then PM Indira Gandhi. Since then, 10 such Conferences have been organised in various parts of world.

    The 1st conference was attended by then PM of Mauritius Seewoosagur Ramgoolam as Chief Guest and by 122 delegates from 30 nations. Since then every year 10th January is being celebrated as World Hindi Day. The 10 th edition of World Hindi Conference was organised in Bhopal, MP in 2015 with the theme of Hindi Jagat-Vistar and Sambhavnaye.

    Shreyasi Singh wins Double Trap Gold in -  Commonwealth Games 2018

    The Day 7th of Commonwealth Games 2018 initiated with Indian shooter Om Prakash Mitharwal grabbing the Bronze in the finals of the men’s 50 metres Pistol game. This was trailed by a classic performance by Indian shooter Shreyasi Singh, who shot her career’s best points to secure the gold medal in the women’s double trap final. Shreyasi Singh defeated Australia's Emma Cox to take the leading position.
    In the men’s double trap game, Indian shooter Ankur Mittal secured the bronze medal, while Tim Kneale
    from Isle of Man won silver and David McMath of Scotland won the gold medal.
    Indian boxing legend Mary Kom has also entered into the finals of the women's 48 kilograms boxing
    category after winning her semi-final fight against Sri Lankan player Anusha Dilrukshi Koddithuwakku. With this, Mary Kom became the 1st Indian boxer in Gold Coast to enter the final of her game. 

    Also, Indian boxers Amit Phangal, Vikas Krishan, Gaurav Solanki and Naman Tanwar have guaranteed the country of a medal by qualifying for the semi-finals of 46-49 kilograms and 91 kilograms categories
    respectively. Another Indian female boxer, Sarita Devi, lost out to Australia's Anja Stridsman in the
    women's 60 kilograms quarterfinal and will not secure a medal at the Commonwealth Games 2018. She is the 1st Indian boxer to lose a game at the Games.

    India’s first 5G lab  installed by - IIT-Delhi 

    The IIT- Delhi has fitted Massive Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output lab on campus for standardisation,
    Research & Development and production of 5G equipment. It will be the 1st of its kind 5G workshop in the nation and has been formed at Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management.
    Key Facts

    • The workshop will serve as 5G base station prototype that will be utilised to test and confirm algorithms and also produce whole 5G base station.
    • It will support in manufacturing of 5G base stations in India with sustenance and teamwork from industry.
    • It will also be involved in generating skilled worksrs in this technology.
    • In this Massive Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output workshop, numerous antennas are installed at prototype base station to permit network to interconnect reliably with huge number of mobile stations simultaneously at equal time and on similar frequency channel.
    • The huge antenna array also progresses system power efficiency as mobile stations will now be needed to issue 10 times lesser power than in 3G and 4G systems.
    • In routine 3G and 4G base station technology, only some antennas are positioned.
      More about 5G
    • 5G is wireless communication technology grounded on 3rd-generation partnership project. It is next generation mobile networks technology next to 4G-LTE networks.
    • It is believed to suggest enhanced mobile broadband through R15 repeaters that can outfit to coverage needs.
    • The 5G wireless technology will issue far greater upload and download speediness that will be 100 times quicker internet data speed than present 4G networks.
    • It has power to validates spectral efficiency and power for expanded services such as Internet of Things and increased reality/virtual reality.

    Cabinet approves MoU on return of Illegal Migrants among India, UK and Northern Ireland  approved by - Union Cabinet

    The Union Cabinet has sanctioned MoU between India and UK and Northern Ireland on the homecoming of Illegal Migrants. Decision in this was granted at Union Cabinet meeting headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
    Key Facts

    • The Memorandum of Understanding will enable that Visa Free Agreement for Diplomatic passports
      bearers as well as liberalization of United Kingdom Visa Regime travelling to United Kingdom rightfully, after its assumption.
    • It will make sure coming back of people who have no legitimate basis to be in territory of other nation after authentication of nationality to its fulfilment.
    • It will facilitate in streamlining the process of homecoming of citizens who are caught to be residing unlawfully, relating to other party in quantified time-frame.

    Law on equal wages for men, women approved by - UAE

    The Cabinet of UAE has passed the issuance of law on Equal Wages and Salaries for males and females.
    The fresh law will make sure equal salary for males and females working in the nation. It will provide females with equal chances as partners in the UAE's progress.
    Important Highlights

    • The sanctioning of the law comes in line with the government’s aim to make sure that the protection of females's rights and backing their role in the national development procedure. 
    • The law will additionally empower females to lead forthcoming national policies and ambitious projects. 
    • The law on the gender equality has been greeted by females at the highest levels of the United Arab
      Emirates Government. 
      Did you know?
    • Since last few years, the United Arab Emirates Government has attempted to slender the gender gap in the country through consolidated exertions including the founding of the United Arab Emirates Council for Gender Balance in 2015. 
    • The government also initiated the world's 1st Gender Balance Guide in September 2017.
    • Though findings show that United Arab Emirates ranks top in the Middle East for salary equality for same type of work and females have a substantial existence in the labour force of United Arab Emirate’s federal government, unevenly above 50%, the nation fares far less in global gender positions.

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