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  • Current Affairs 20th July 2019

    Updated : 21-Jul-2019
    Current Affairs 20th July 2019

    Current Affairs 20th July 2019 - Important Points

    • Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2019 passed by - Parliament
    • Israel inks $50m pact with India to supply MRSAM to Navy inked by - Israel

    Current Affairs 20th July 2019 - Details

    Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2019 passed by - Parliament

    Central Universities (Amendment) Bill 2019, for founding a Central University and Tribal University in
    Andhra Pradesh has been sanctioned by both the houses of Parliament.
    The Bill pursues to improve Central Universities Act, 2009, which founds universities for teaching
    and research in various states. Moreover, foundation of a Central University and Central Tribal
    University in State of Andhra Pradesh is mandatory under Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act,
    Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2019
    It issues for founding 2 central universities in Andhra Pradesh to be known as
    1. Central University of Andhra Pradesh
    2. Central Tribal University of Andhra Pradesh, that will offer research amenities in fields of art,
    culture and technology to the tribal population.
    It will also take extra measures for providing higher educational and research facilities in tribal art,
    culture, and customs primarily to tribal population of India. The universities would be formed in next
    four years.
    Government has set aside Rupees 450 crore for first stage of Central University project against
    total amount of Rupees 902.07 crore and Rupees 420 crore for Tribal University against an outlay of
    Rupees 836 crore.
    Presently, there is no Central University in State of Andhra Pradesh while all the other States
    (except Goa) have one or more Central University.

    Israel inks $50m pact with India to supply MRSAM to Navy inked by - Israel

    Israel Aerospace Industries has inked a $50 million pact with India to supply complementary Naval MRSAM systems to Indian Navy and Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders. Israel Aerospace Industries is a state-owned company of Israel.
    Important Highlights

    • The pact is a follow-up contract between Israel Aerospace Industries and India, according to which
      former will deliver complementary Naval Medium Range Surface-To-Air Missile systems to Indian
    • According to the contract, Israel Aerospace Industries will deliver a range of maintenance and other
      services for various sub-systems of Israel Aerospace Industries’ advanced Medium Range Surface-To-Air Missile air defence system.
    • The pact is a major breakthrough as it imitates strong tie between Israel Aerospace Industry and
      Indian Navy. The contract advances Israel Aerospace Industries from system development and
      delivery to looking after operational requirements of India.
    • Israel Aerospace Industries’ partnership and strong tie with Indian Navy is reflected in all activities
      undertaken by them.
    • Freshly, Israel Aerospace Industries effectively completed a multi-system trial in India that confirmed advanced technological centralised management capabilities of air defence system to utmost consummation of India.
      More about Medium Range Surface-To-Air Missile (MRSAM)
    • It delivers broad as well as topical defence against a range of assault marine, air and ground terrorizations.
    • It consists of various important state-of-the-art systems, such as command and control, digital radar, launchers and interceptors along with advanced homing searchers.

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