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  • Current Affairs 25th February 2018

    Updated : 25-Feb-2018
    Current Affairs 25th February 2018

    Current Affairs 25th February 2018 - Important Points

    • India, Canada sign six MoUs in various sectors on- 23rd February 2018
    • Dhanush missile successfully test fired from - Odisha

    Current Affairs 25th February 2018 - Details

    India, Canada sign six MoUs in various sectors on- 23rd February 2018

    India and Canada signed 6 MoUs in many fields consisting Sports, Information Technology, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Cooperation in Higher Education, and Science, Technology and Innovation, Industrial Policy and Promotion on February 23rd, 2018.

    The MoUs were contracted in the presence of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and visiting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was on a state visit to India from February 18-24th at the invitation of the Prime Minister of India. 

    Both the Prime Ministers met in New Delhi on February 23rd and repeated the amount and scope of Canada-India ties, based on the vital principle of respect for sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the both nations. 
    Based on communal values of diversity, democracy, rule of law, and pluralism, the Ministers also repeated their promises to the continuing modification and development of the strategic partnership.
    Further, both approved to continue extending their close relations and to utilise the complementarity among their 2 nations in significant areas.

    Dhanush missile successfully test fired from - Odisha

    Nuclear enabled surface-to- surface powered Dhanush ballistic missile was fruitfully tested from naval
    ship off Odisha near Paradip in the Bay of Bengal. The missile trial was completed by Strategic Forces
    Command, that handles all of India’s nuclear arms and their related delivery systems. Dhanush missile Dhanush missile is also called as Prithvi-III.

     It is naval variant of Indian developed Prithvi-II missile. Its design features modifications to Prithvi platform to upgrade it for initiate from ship-craft. It is short ranged ballistic missile talented of carrying nuclear and conventional weapons. It has a length of 8.53 meters and 0.9 metres width and is capable of transporting a load of 500 kilograms and is talented of hitting both land and sea-based marks. It can be utilised for both ship-to- ship and ship- to-surface attacks. It has acknowledged strike range of 350 kilometres.
    Did you know?

    • The Dhanush is part of 5-missile platforms that have been established in India by DRDO since 1983, as part of Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme.
    • The other families of missiles established under Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme are Trishul, Agni, Nag and Akash.
    • The Dhanush missile completed its 1st test flight in year 2000, with 1st completely operational trail directed in 2004. It has been tested for total of 7 times till date.
    • The past occasion Dhanush was tested was in November 2015.

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