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  • Current Affairs 26th February 2018

    Updated : 26-Feb-2018
    Current Affairs 26th February 2018

    Current Affairs 26th February 2018 - Important Points

    • India’s first 5G network trial successfully  conducted by  Airtel and - Huawei 
    • Anti-dumping duty on ceramicware from China  imposed by - Government 
    • RBI directs banks to link SWIFT to core banking solutions by - April 2018
    • A great loss to Indian Cinema, Bollywood actress Sridevi passed away on - 24th February 2018
    • DRDO successfully test-flights Rustom 2 drone on - 25th February 2018
    • New plant species "Drypetes kalamii" from West Bengal discovered by -  Scientists

    Current Affairs 26th February 2018 - Details

    India’s first 5G network trial successfully  conducted by  Airtel and - Huawei 

    Telecom company Bharti Airtel and Chinese telecom electronic equipment manufacturer Huawei have  positively completed India’s 1st 5G- fifth Generation network test. It was completed at Airtel’s network  experience centre Manesar, Gurugram and was sufficient to attain more than 3 Gbps data speed.
    Key Points

    • The system for this 5G test consisted of 5G RAN that worked on 3.5 GHz network bandwidth, long  with 5G Core and 50 GE Network-Slicing- Router.
    • During the trails, a subscriber throughput speed of 3 Gigabit per second was achieved and emanded to be maximum for 3.5 GHz bandwidth.
    • The trails were directed within a 100 MHz band and led in a one millisecond end-to- end system latency.
    • The trail is small but important phase in its journey in the direction of next generation 5G-mobile  connections, which may offer data-speed approximately 100 times quicker than present 4G networks.
    • It also reveals spectral efficiency and probability for diversified facilities including Internet of things and augmented reality, which can be brought by 5G technology to assist a digitally linked world.
      Did you know?
    • India is preparing to unveiling 5G facilities for users by 2020.
    • To attain this aim, Government in September 2017 had formed high-level medium that will assess and pass roadmaps and accomplishment plans to come up with the latest technology.
    • 5G 5G is wireless communication technique grounded on 3 rd -Generation Partnership Project. It is next generation mobile networks technology following 4G LTE networks.
    • High internet speed given by 5G network will assist Cloud-Systems to ease software updating, music and navigation services to driverless four-wheelers.
    • It is believed to provide upgraded Mobile-broadband via R15 repeaters that can accommodate to coverage needs.
    • In December 2017, 3 rd -Generation Partnership Project had finished 1st set of 5G New Radio values.
    • The 5G technology will offer much better upload and download speed than presently available.

    RBI directs banks to link SWIFT to core banking solutions by - April 2018

    The RBI has instructed banks to connect Society for World Interbank Financial Telecommunication System platform- SWIFT with their Core Banking Solutions by April 30th, 2018.  This conclusion is a part of Reserve Bank of India’s hard-work to constrict internal controls in banks after Rupees 11,400 crores scam that was revealed at Punjab National Bank. Core Banking Solutions is centralised software utilised to uphold bank’s almost common transactions.
    Did you know?

    • The giant Punjab National Bank scam is around Society for World Interbank Financial Telecommunication technology which was misrepresented by their branch administrators to falsely issue letters of undertakings, to diamond and jewellery importer Nirav Modi related organisations without gaining adequate approvals and without making passes in Core Banking Solutions.
    • The failure of SWIFT- CBS connection directed to Rupees 11,400 crores scam at Punjab National Bank and allowed these transactions to go unnoticed for more than 7 years. Many banks are still to start the linking.
    • So, there is vital requirement for banks to reenter their investigation system and rectify the loopholes.
    • Society for World Interbank Financial Telecommunication System platform SWIFT is global financial messaging facility that allows financial institutions worldwide to transmit and receive information about financial dealings in secure, uniform and trusted environment.
    • It is utilised to send messages concerning to across border financial dealings.
    • It was established in 1973 and is headquartered in Belgium. It is an obliging society under Belgian law owned by its associate financial institutions with offices across the world. Globally more than 11,000 financial organisations in over 200 nations utilise services of SWIFT.
    • SWIFT does not allow funds transfer; however, it sends payment orders, that necessity be settled by communicator accounts that organizations have with each other. On getting this message, banks abroad, issue funds to the organisation.

    Anti-dumping duty on ceramicware from China  imposed by - Government 

    The Department of Revenue has forced anti-dumping duty on import of Chinese ceramic cutlery and kitchen items in a proposal to safeguard local manufacturers. Both items will appeal anti-dumping duty of $1.04 per kilogram, resulting into the expensive imports. The shielding measure against inexpensive Chinese import was grounded with the approval of Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties.
    Did you know?

    • All India Pottery Manufacturers’ Association and Indian Ceramic Society had come up to Directorate General of Anti-Dumping for forcing levy on low-priced imports of overhead items from China.
    • They had supposed that these goods were being deserted into India at lowest prices and therefore, harming domestic industry.
      Anti-dumping Duty
    • It is an import duty forced by government on imported goods which have low prices than their domestic price.
    • Therefore, it protects and tackle import money being utilised by nation in the guidance of World Trade Organisation rule to safeguard its domestic manufacturers and market from below-cost imports.
    • It differs from item to item and from nation to nation. Till date, India has started maximum anti dumping cases against below-cost imports from China.

    A great loss to Indian Cinema, Bollywood actress Sridevi passed away on - 24th February 2018

    Bollywood actress Sridevi, who charmed viewers with her life-long performances consisting Hawa-Hawai and Chandni, passed away on February 24th, 2018 in Dubai after a cardiac arrest. She was 54 years old.
    Sridevi was in the UAE for a family wedding. Her unexpected and untimely decease has trembled the entire country and has distraught millions of her followers. Sridevi is recognised as the Bollywood’s 1st female superstar who gave various hit movies with no man nearby her in a leading role.
    Initial years of her career

    • Sridevi's real name was Shree Amma Yanger Ayappan.
    • She started her acting introduction at the age of four, with Tamil movie ,Thunaivan.
    • At the age of 13, she acted besides Rajinikanth in a role of his stepmother in the movie- Moondru Mudichu.
    • Julie was her 1st Indian movie, but Solva Sawan manifested her debut as the Leading Actress.

    Sridevi's career

    • Sridevi acted in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada language movies in South India before entering the Hindi films.
    • More than 5 decades of her profession, Sridevi featured in above 300 movies, containing Bollywood classics ChaalBaaz, Mr India, lamhe, Chandni, Sadma, and many more.
      She took a break from acting for 15 years, after her wedding with the film producer Boney Kapoor in 1996, but made her came-back with English Vinglish in 2012.
    • Her last movie Mom, in which she acted a role of mother looking to revenge the rape of her step-daughter, was released in 2017.
    • In 2013, Sridevi was honoured with, the 4th highest civilian award, the Padma Shri.

    DRDO successfully test-flights Rustom 2 drone on - 25th February 2018

    The DRDO on February 25th, 2018 positively tested the Indigenously developed drone Rustom-2 at its
    Aeronautical Test Range at Chitradurga, Karnataka. 
    This was the 1st flight-test to trial out the operator configuration of the drone with high-power engine. 

    • Rustom 2 is being established on the guidelines of predator drones of the USA with an objective to carry out Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance- ISR roles for the armed forces with an strength of 24 hours.
    • The drone was established for usage by all 3 services of the Indian armed forces including Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.
    • Features of Rustom 2 Rustom-2 drone is a medium height long staminal Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
    • It stances 2.4m tall with a wing area of 20.6m and a length of 9.5m.
    • It is enable to carry different payloads consisting Long Range Electro Optic, Electronic Intelligence, Synthetic Aperture Radar, Medium Range Electro Optic and Situational Awareness Payloads.
    • It can be operated on manual as well as self-directed modes. The onboard way-point navigation system allows the drone to carry-out missions alone.

    New plant species "Drypetes kalamii" from West Bengal discovered by -  Scientists

    Researchers from Botanical Survey of India have discovered new plant species called Drypetes kalamii
    from Buxa and Jaldapara National Parks in West Bengal. It has been called after earlier President of
    India, Dr APJ Kalam. The fresh species is close relative of medicinal plant Putrajivah.
    More about Drypetes kalamii

    • Drypetes kalamii is small shrub originated to be smaller version of its nearby relative Drypetes ellisii.
    • It is found in wet, shaded subtropical areas, semi-evergreen moist forests, at altitudes of 50 to 100m.
    • It is just one metre tall and is unisexual having distinct male and female plants. It has pale yellow flowers in clusters and bright orange to red fruits.
    • Scientists have temporarily evaluated plant to be “Critically Endangered” according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature rules.
    • It encounters threat from forest-fires and animal grazing.

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