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  • Current Affairs 4th December 2017

    Updated : 04-Dec-2017
    Current Affairs 4th December 2017

    Current Affairs 4th December 2017 - Important Points

    • 46th Navy Day observed across India on - 4th December 2017
    • US, South Korea launch largest aerial drill amidst North Korean threat on - 4th December 2017
    • US pulls out of  - UN’s migrant and refugee pact
    • Iranian President Hassan Rouhani inaugurates first phase of Chabahar port on - 3rd December 2017

    Current Affairs 4th December 2017 - Details

    46th Navy Day observed across India on - 4th December 2017

    The 46th Indian Navy Day was greatly admired on 4th December 2017. The day is celebrated every year to observe the achievements and role of the naval force in the Nation.
    To celebrate the day, 20 innovations were finalized from for central evaluation. These innovations vary from innovative repairs to multiplex system modules to development of new economical techniques, time and manpower.
    Innovations by Indian Naval Ships 'Kuthar' and 'Vikramaditya' were nominated as the winner and runner-up respectively in the 'Operational Units' group.
    However, innovations by the Weapons Electronic Systems Engineering Establishment and Naval Aircraft Yard, Kochi were nominated the winner and runner-up respectively in the 'Shore Establishments' group.

    Did you know?
    The Navy day is observed every year to commemorate the victory of Operation Trident of Indian Navy on Karachi Harbor during the 1971 Indo-Pak war.
    Under Operation Trident, the Indian Navy sank 3 vessels near the largest Pakistani port of Karachi. Operation Trident evolved as the 1st use of anti-ship missiles in the region.

    US, South Korea launch largest aerial drill amidst North Korean threat on - 4th December 2017

    The USA and South Korea inaugurated their biggest-ever common aerial drill called ‘Vigilant Ace’ on 4th December 2017. It would conclude on 8th December 2017.
    Around 12,000 US service members, along with members of the Marines and Navy, would be meeting the South Korean troops on the occasion.

    Key Highlights

    • The annual drill would witness participation from 6 F-22 Raptor stealth fighters and approximately 230 aircrafts.
    • F-35 fighters will also join the drill along with the huge number of 5th generation fighters.
    • The conjoining aircrafts will be take-off from 8 US and South Korean military installations.
    • The combine drill has been designed to increase readiness and operational capability of the both the sides.
    • It also focuses to ensure peace and safety on the Korean peninsula.
    • The joint action comes a week after North Korea committed that it had successfully trialed its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile as a part of its illegal weapons program that has created global issues.
    • The outline north has condemned the action and called it an act of provocation.
    • North Korea’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Nation explained that the drill would “push the already acute condition on the Korean peninsula to the point of nuclear war”.

    US pulls out of  - UN’s migrant and refugee pact

    The United States has removed itself from a United Nations pact to upgrade the handling of migrant and refugee situations considered it ‘inconsistent’ with its policies.
    The report was made by the US Mission to the UNs in a statement, in which it enlightened the UN Secretary-General about US’s intention of finishing its participation in the Global Compact on Migration.
    The statement stated that the United Nation's New York declaration consists of many provisions that are inconsistent with the Trump Administration's immigration theory.
    Talking on the occasion, US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley told that the US would continue its indulgence in supporting migrants and refugees across the world. However, she stated that its conclusions on immigration policies must always be prepared by Americans and Americans only.
    Did you know?

    • In 2016, the UN General assembly had without any opposition took the New York declaration for refugees and migrants.
    • Under Trump and his America First strategies, the United States has removed itself from several global commitments made under the management of President Barack Obama, including the Paris climate agreement.
    • Recently, the USA pulled out of UN’s Paris-based culture and education organization, UNESCO, accusing it of harboring an anti-Israel bias.

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani inaugurates first phase of Chabahar port on - 3rd December 2017

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on 3rd December 2017 launched the 1st phase of the Chabahar port on the Gulf of Oman. Pon Radhakrishnan, Minister of State for Shipping, from India attended the launching function of the Phase 1 of the Shahid Beheshti Port at Chabahar.
    Chabahar port is the new strategic pathway that connects Iran, India and Afghanistan bypassing Pakistan. The port in the Sistan-Balochistan region on the southern coast of Iran is easily approachable from India's western coast.
    The port is supposed as a gateway for trade by India, Iran and Afghanistan with central Asian Nations besides ramping up trade among these 3 Nations. The Chabahar port is taken as a response to Pakistan's Gwadar Port, which is under development with Chinese investment and is situated at distance of around 80 kms from Chabahar.

    India's role in development of Chabahar port

    • India has been closely associated with Afghanistan and Iran to make alternative, reliable approachable ways for trade.
    • India and Iran on 23rd May 2016 signed 12 MoUs and agreements, in which the most important was the trilateral transit accordance between India, Iran and Afghanistan on Establishment of International Transport and Transit Corridor.
    • In the accordance, India proposed to develop the Port of Chabahar in Iran to allow Indian products to be exported to Iran.
    • As per the MoU, India will be operating 2 berths in Chabahar Port Phase-I with money investment of USD 85.21 million and yearly revenue expenditure of USD 22.95 million on a 10-year agreement.
    • Earlier in October 2017, India had sent its first shipment of wheat to Afghanistan by sea via Chabahar port, that opened the new transit ways.

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