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He suggested that, we should be bound by a code of conduct, isn't it ?

  • Shouldn't we
  • is it
  • aren't we
  • None of above
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1. More than one teacher has found it wrong.

  • were found
  • have found
  • is found
  • no error

2. One of the men gave first aid to Hitesh who is injured in road accident.

  • who had injured
  • who was injured
  • which was injured
  • as he was to injure
  • No correction required

3. Due to rain, cricket ground was covered by a carpet.

  • covered along
  • covered into
  • covered with
  • covered upon

4. The long story should not exceed more than one thousand words.

  • exceed than
  • more exceed
  • exceed
  • no error

5. We shouted that we might attract attention.

  • for attracting attention
  • that we may attract attention
  • to attract attention
  • No correction
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  • Pradeep 6 years ago

    For question tag always
    be verb + negative of it