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Important English Words

  • 16. Acquit

    Means: Pronounce Not Guilty Of Criminal Charges
  • 17. Ad Hoc

    Means: Provisional, Temporary
  • 18. Adverse

    Means: Contrary To Your Interests Or Welfare
  • 19. Aesthete

    Means: A Person Who Is Appreciative Of And Sensitive To Art And Beauty
  • 20. Afflict

    Means: Cause Physical Pain Or Suffering In
  • 21. Allege

    Means: Report Or Maintain
  • 22. Allude

    Means: Make A More Or Less Disguised Reference To
  • 23. Ample

    Means: More Than Enough In Size Or Scope Or Capacity
  • 24. Anticipate

    Means: Be Excited Or Anxious About
  • 25. Antipathy

    Means: A Feeling Of Intense Dislike
  • 26. Apparent

    Means: Obvious
  • 27. Append

    Means: Add To The Very End
  • 28. Apt

    Means: Naturally Disposed Toward
  • 29. Arbitrate

    Means: Act Between Parties With A View To Reconciling Differences
  • 30. Artefact

    Means: An Object Made By A Human Being, Typically One Of Cultural Or Historical Interest.
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