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Sheela told her teacher to explain the chapter once again.

  • ordered her teacher
  • invited her teacher
  • asked her teacher
  • said to her teacher
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1. Never has the inadequacy of police been in clearer focus than in the communal violence that flared up recently.

  • higher
  • stronger
  • better
  • sharper
  • no error

2. He always get punishment for playing swords with his classmates.

  • clashing swords
  • drawing swords
  • crossing swords
  • No correction

3. My classmates are extremely noisy but even more are they quarrelsome.

  • they are even more quarrelsome
  • more even are they quarrelsome
  • more are they quarrelsome
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4. All woman doctors are on leave today.

  • women doctor
  • womans doctors
  • women doctors
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5. The reason why he left the home was because he was feeling hostile there.

  • the home
  • the home has
  • the home were
  • the home was that
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