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Synonyms Questions Answers

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  • Sachin Yadav 6 years ago

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  • Krishnendu De 6 years ago

    Thanks for making such a great website.

  • Sabyasachi 6 years ago

    A very good site

    mastguru 6 years ago replied

    thank you Sabyasachi !

    mastguru 6 years ago replied

    thank you for your feedback Krishnendu !

  • UNNATI DODIA 7 years ago

    Nice website for compition exam.great work

    mastguru 7 years ago replied

    thanks Unnati !

  • sindhu 7 years ago

    pls provide explanations in english

  • Ashok kumar 7 years ago

    Answer for Q.41 is Shameful i.e option C

  • subhash kumar 8 years ago

    very nice sir ji

    mastguru 8 years ago replied

    thank you..

  • Jagdish 8 years ago

    great work

    mastguru 8 years ago replied

    Thanks Jagdish.

  • kkk 8 years ago


  • payal 8 years ago

    hi its gret for all of us

  • Rahul 8 years ago

    Maja aa geya ... great work.. great website..

  • Vidita 9 years ago

    Nice collection Mastguru....
    Many of them I can recall are from previous exams.. thanks really