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To access the members of structure which symbol is used

  • *
  • -
  • ,
  • .
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1. Break statement is used for

  • Quit a program
  • Quit the current iteration
  • Both of above
  • None of above

2. What is the purpose of getc()

  • read a character from STDIN
  • read a character from a file
  • read all file
  • read file random

3. Adding to a pointer that points to an array will

  • Cause an error
  • Increase the value of the element that the pointer is pointing to
  • Cause the pointer to point to the next element in the array
  • None of above

4. What among following is true about stack

  • stack cannot reuse its memory
  • all elements are of different datatypes
  • all operation done at one end
  • none of above

5. rand() function returns

  • float value
  • integer value
  • any type
  • none of above
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