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What is wild pointer in c

  • a pointer which we need to write in future
  • a pointer which has bad naming convention
  • a pointer which has no limit
  • a point which has not initialized
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1. total number of keywords in C are

  • 30
  • 32
  • 48
  • 132

2. Difference between structure and union is

  • We can define functions within structures but not within a union
  • We can define functions within union but not within a structure
  • The way memory is allocated
  • There is no difference

3. Wild pointer in C

  • if pointer is pointing to a memory location from where variable has been deleted
  • if pointer has not been initialized
  • if pointer has not defined properly
  • if pointer pointing to more than one variable

4. Disadvantage of array in C is

  • We can easily access each element
  • It is necessary to declare too many variables
  • It can store only one similar type of data
  • None of above

5. Which of the following below is/are valid C keywords

  • integer
  • int
  • null
  • none of above
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