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When it was morning they decided to put at an inn.

  • put out in
  • put off at
  • put at
  • put up at
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1. Would you please tell her when the next bus comes.

  • when does the next bus come
  • when comes the next bus
  • when the next bus does come
  • No correction

2. On the day of the match, we were hoping about rainy weather.

  • for
  • at
  • of
  • No improvement

3. Had I realised how close I was to the edge of the valley, I would not have carried the bags there.

  • had I been realised
  • if I would have realised
  • when I realised
  • had I had realised
  • No correction required

4. He has done nothing from two days.

  • at
  • through
  • since
  • No correction

5. We had to move slowly and carefully to our seats for avoiding stepping in their toes.

  • in order to avoid
  • so that to avoid
  • because of
  • No correction
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