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Which is invalid name of identifier

  • world
  • addition23
  • test_name
  • factorial
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1. What is prototype of a function in C

  • It is the return type of a function
  • It is the return data of the function
  • It is declaration of a function
  • It is a datatype

2. Can getch() be used to echo the input

  • Yes
  • No

3. What among following is true about stack

  • stack cannot reuse its memory
  • all elements are of different datatypes
  • all operation done at one end
  • none of above

4. Out of following program :
float x = 10.7;
int i;

i = (int) x;
print i;

  • null
  • error
  • 10
  • garbage value

5. Continue statement used for

  • To continue to the next line of code
  • To stop the current iteration and begin the next iteration from the beginning
  • To handle run time error
  • None of above
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  • VIDYA DESHMUKH 6 years ago

    test_name is identifier because _ is also come in valid in identifier then test_name is valid identifier